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Workforce Statistics

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Workforce Demographics

The company has deployed strategies to increase the diversity of our workforce, including a team that is dedicated to recruiting from historically black colleges and universities, community colleges and diverse professional organizations. These strategies also include understanding and mitigating potential barriers for underrepresented groups. The COVID-19 pandemic led to an external hiring pause in 2020 and we did not make the workforce progress desired. However, progress is being made advancing diverse representation in leadership.

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Employee Turnover Summary

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A Multigenerational Workforce

Gen X, millennial and Gen Z workers collectively represent about 73 percent of Duke Energy’s workforce. Traditionalists and baby boomers comprise about 27 percent. The company highly values every employee from every generation, every background and every way of life. Duke Energy workers’ diverse skills, deep knowledge and broad experience ensure that customers’ energy needs are reliably met, around the clock.

Five Generations of Duke Energy Employees*

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* Percentages don’t total 100% due to rounding.

Workforce Demographics by Job Category

Duke Energy’s diverse and inclusive workforce meets the energy needs of a growing and similarly diverse customer base.

Workforce demograhics chart