Reliability is a Priority


Safe, reliable power is a high priority for Duke Energy and our 7.9 million customers. To help improve reliability performance, each year the company sets customer delivery and generation reliability targets.

Customer Delivery

Duke Energy began using the customer delivery reliability measure in 2019, which takes into account the average duration of outages, customers experiencing multiple outages and customers experiencing lengthy outages. The 2019 and 2020 targets were 100 or higher (higher is better). The 2019 result was 144, and the 2020 result was 88. We did not meet our 2020 target due to severe weather in our service territories.


Duke Energy has a diverse, increasingly clean generation fleet with carbon-free nuclear, hydro, wind and solar; lower-carbon natural gas; and higher-carbon coal and oil-powered plants. And in 2020, the fleet reliably met customer demand.

The nuclear fleet optimized reliability, which is a measure of generation reliability along with the cost to achieve that reliability, continued a six-year positive trend, with a 2020 index of 183.97. The fossil/hydro fleet’s optimized reliability continued its six-year positive trend, with a 2020 index of 55.93. The commercial fleet's renewables availability was 94.3 percent, showing solid performance and an improvement over 2019.

Generation Reliability

Generation reliability chart