Net Promoter Score Tracks Employee Engagement


In January 2018, Duke Energy began using the Net Promotor Score (NPS), a well-known metric used to measure customer loyalty. The company captures information through its own proprietary survey. In the three years the company has been collecting NPS data, the survey has helped us significantly improve customer satisfaction by acting upon valuable insights gained about what matters most to customers.

In 2020, we started applying the lessons learned from our customer experience team to launch a new employee survey using an employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). This new approach will enable us to leverage the success of the customer satisfaction program to also improve employee engagement. Duke Energy firmly believes that how customers feel about the experience of doing business with us begins with engaged employees.

The 2020 employee engagement survey allowed employees to make their voices heard, with 63 percent of employees participating. We began measuring employees' likelihood to recommend Duke Energy as a place to work by asking the eNPS question, “How likely are you to recommend working at Duke Energy or Piedmont Natural Gas to a friend or colleague?” We now have a solid baseline to build upon, allowing us to set a percentage improvement objective in the future.

Overall, employees feel proud to work at Duke Energy and are motivated to help the company reach its goals. Of particular note, 90 percent of employees said their immediate manager supports diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Employees also identified aligning rewards with performance as an improvement opportunity.

In 2021, the company is enhancing our approach to the employee engagement survey and implementing ongoing monthly status checks. We will provide data-driven insights to our leaders for ongoing employee conversations, enabling deeper discussions around employee sentiment at the team level. We will also continue to develop and implement programs to support a new employee engagement framework focused on helping employees feel heard, included and enabled to be successful in their roles.