Our Stakeholders and What Matters Most

Duke Energy seeks to provide reliable, clean and affordable energy that keeps our communities moving forward.

But with that mission comes a responsibility to deliver smart energy solutions that help our customers accomplish their own goals. No matter what those goals are, energy is a vital driver to a successful finish line.

Our stakeholder audience is diverse. They include customers, shareholders, regulators, environmental organizations, social advocates, community agencies, elected officials, employees and many others. Each stakeholder brings a needed and essential perspective, which is vitally important as we develop future energy solutions to meet their needs.

Getting those perspectives early and often – and then collaborating to develop workable solutions – is essential. We seek that input in many formal and informal ways. They range from remote interactions, one-on-one meetings, open houses with the public or Advisory or Listening Councils.

With so much at stake, securing and transforming our collective energy future depends on hearing many voices. Our commitment to make a positive impact on our communities keeps us focused on listening, learning and adjusting to better meet the needs of those we serve.

Our stakeholders include:




Employees & Retirees

Environmental & Social Advocates


Labor Unions

Local, State & Federal Governments



Trade Associations