Our Stakeholders And What Matters Most


Engagement and collaboration with our stakeholders underpins Duke Energy’s business strategy.

The company has a rich history of engaging with a diverse range of stakeholders, many of whom have differing views from us. Now more than ever, it is critical that we all work together to find common ground and work to transform our collective energy future.

We achieve better outcomes for our customers through collaboration. Recognizing the value of sustained engagement, we continue to expand our stakeholder engagement capabilities. Every stakeholder has a different priority, but they are all important. We work to understand those priorities and be open to compromise. Our goal is to find innovative and transparent solutions that effectively address these many competing interests.

Our jurisdictions currently have Advisory or Listening Councils. These councils provide an opportunity for Duke Energy to hear people from diverse stakeholder groups as the company develops and adapts its long-term business plans.

We are also making changes to solicit stakeholder input earlier than ever. For example, during a recent transmission siting project, the company worked with the local communities and landowners to understand the unique historic and cultural sensitives, which led to significant changes to the final route selection.

Our business is different than most. The vitality of our communities depends upon energy, so we lack the option to stop making our product in the face of opposition. Therefore, we must find new ways to engage with stakeholders and find solutions that are workable for all to provide cleaner, affordable and reliable energy for our customers.

Our stakeholders include:

bullet point Academia

bullet point Communities

bullet point Customers

bullet point Employees & Retirees

bullet point Environmental Advocates

bullet point Investors

bullet point Labor Unions

bullet point Local, State & Federal Governments

bullet point Media

bullet point Suppliers

bullet point Trade Associations