Management Approach to Sustainability


Sustainability Governance

Duke Energy has adopted a management approach to sustainability that engages all levels of the company from the Board of Directors to our employees. We also strive to embed sustainable business practices throughout the company.

Board of Directors

In early 2018, the Board of Directors, as an acknowledgement of the growing importance of sustainability issues and of the Corporate Governance Committee’s active involvement in sustainability, formally tasked the Corporate Governance Committee with oversight over sustainability issues by adding a designated responsibility in the Corporate Governance Committee’s Charter.

Chief Executive Officer

Ultimate responsibility for the company’s sustainability performance and long-term success.

Senior Vice President, Stakeholder Strategy and Sustainability | President, Duke Energy Foundation

Responsible for partnering with business units to develop sustainability goals, integrating sustainable business practices across the company and sustainability reporting.

Senior Business Leaders

Accountable for applicable sustainability goals and integrating sustainability into respective areas.

Sustainability Corps Members

Specially trained employees who provide local support and advocacy for sustainable business practices.


Implement departmental initiatives and identify local sustainability opportunities.