Staying Ahead of the Game: Securing the Energy Grid


The world is becoming more digital every day – and with more technology comes more opportunities for cybersecurity threats.

As the largest operator of the energy grid, protecting our infrastructure, operations and customer information is a top priority for Duke Energy. The company is making the electric grid more secure, so that it can withstand and protect against the growing threats of cyber and physical attacks. With multiple layers of security, company experts can quickly identify threats and protect essential systems and equipment.

Duke Energy focuses its cybersecurity efforts in many areas. The company educates employees and increases awareness of threats – from routine test phishing emails and annual trainings to seminars and video resources. Duke Energy also maintains a round-the-clock incident response team of highly skilled cybersecurity professionals solely devoted to this issue, who identify and mitigate threats.

The company has implemented defenses to safeguard our systems – and continues to implement new safeguards as threats and technology evolve. To prepare for an incident, the company conducts drills to test emergency response plans and ensure employees are prepared in case an event occurs.

As with many industries, information sharing is also essential – that’s why Duke Energy works with many federal and regional agencies, industry organizations and emergency management to share lessons learned.