Reliable Power


Safe, reliable power is a high priority for Duke Energy and our 7.7 million customers. In 2018, reliability remained high, despite hurricanes Florence and Michael, and winter storm Diego. Each year the company sets power delivery and generation fleet performance targets.

Power Delivery

The significant number of 2018 storms increased Duke Energy’s average time without power.

Outage Statistics

Outage statistics chart


Duke Energy’s diverse generation fleet with carbon-free nuclear, hydro, wind and solar; lower-carbon natural gas; and higher-carbon coal and oil reliably met customer demand.

The nuclear fleet optimized reliability, which is a measure of generation reliability along with the cost to achieve that reliability, continued a four-year positive trend, with a 2018 index of 198.49. The fossil/hydro fleet’s optimized reliability continued its four-year positive trend, with a 2018 index of 59.54. The commercial fleet's renewables availability also continued its steady improvement trend, increasing from 94.6 percent in 2017 to 95.3 percent in 2018.

Generation Reliability

Generation reliability chart