2018 Highlights

  • Maintained industry leading safety performance with a Total Incident Case Rate (TICR) of 0.43.
  • Since 2005, decreased carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 31 percent, sulfur dioxide emissions by 96 percent and nitrogen oxides emissions by 74 percent.
  • Achieved a nuclear capacity factor of 93 percent; it was the 20th consecutive year the fleet capacity factor exceeded 90 percent.
  • Retrofitted two coal units at our Rogers Energy Complex, enabling it to reduce CO2 emissions by burning a combination of natural gas and coal – rather than coal only.
  • Reduced water withdrawn for electric generation more than 15 percent since 2011.
  • Recycled 79 percent of our solid waste, diverting approximately 82,000 tons of solid waste from landfills.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Maintain industry leading safety performance and continue to focus on the prevention of serious injuries to our employees and contractors.
  • Continue to demonstrate our commitment to operational excellence, which is a foundation to any success we achieve.
  • Strengthen the grid against cyber and physical threats through our grid modernization programs.
  • Move to a lower-carbon future by reducing our CO2 emissions by 40 percent from 2005 levels by 2030.