Our Strategy: Clean Energy Transformation


As one of the largest electric and gas utilities and commercial renewables developers in the United States, Duke Energy embraces its responsibility to power the communities where our customers and employees live and work, as well as to address the challenges associated with climate change. To that end, our corporate strategy is one of clean energy transformation.

To deliver on our strategy, we have set aggressive enterprisewide emission reduction goals – to reduce our carbon emissions from electricity generation by at least 50 percent and to achieve net-zero methane emissions from our natural gas distribution businesses by 2030 and, importantly, to achieve net-zero emissions from electricity generation by 2050.

Clean Energy Transformation: ≥50% reduction in CO2 emissions and net-zero methane emissions by 2030 on the way to net-zero CO2 by 2050

Duke Energy will focus on three core areas that support this clean energy transformation:

Shaping the Landscape – Duke Energy will partner with stakeholders to accelerate clean energy transition with communities in mind. It will champion public policy that advances innovation and regulatory models that support carbon and methane reductions, while keeping energy affordable and reliable for customers.

Safely Transforming and Readying the System – Duke Energy will invest in new and existing carbon-free technologies that modernize the electric and gas infrastructure. The company will also expand and integrate efficiency and demand management programs that help customers use energy more wisely.

Delivering Sustainable Value – Duke Energy will maintain affordability and leverage business transformation to exceed customer expectations. The company will optimize its portfolio to drive attractive shareholder returns. It will also provide new offerings and solutions that deliver growth.