Cari Boyce  /  Senior Vice President, Stakeholder Strategy and Sustainability / President, Duke Energy Foundation

About This Report


I am pleased to share Duke Energy’s 12th Sustainability Report. This year’s report reflects a theme we’ve been observing over the past dozen years: The energy industry is in transition and the successful companies are those that continue to recognize and adapt to the changing expectations of the customers and communities they serve.

For Duke Energy, the facts and figures included in this report are one measure for the progress we are making. Our numbers show a company shifting from coal to natural gas and greater reliance on renewable energy, reducing our environmental footprint and modernizing our energy grid to support new customer-focused technology.

Progress on our company’s goals reflects that sustainability is a priority at Duke Energy. We continue to evolve our business approach to actively engage stakeholders, embrace innovation, exceed customer expectations and positively impact the communities we power.

In the report, you will notice the many areas where engagement with our external stakeholders has created positive outcomes on the legislative, regulatory and community fronts. Whether it was a new law, new tool or a new program to better serve customers, maintaining open, two-way communication channels has helped promote a better environment for sustainability to thrive at Duke Energy.

As always, we aim to make sure our information is comprehensive, clear and paints an accurate picture of the company. We are proud of the progress we’ve made and are focused on our opportunities for improvement.

In addition to this Sustainability Report, you can find a detailed Global Reporting Initiative Index on our website. Duke Energy is also participating in the Edison Electric Institute’s sustainability reporting pilot. Lastly, the company issued a Climate Report earlier this year to provide more details on how we are mitigating risk from climate change.

Thank you for interest in our 2017 Sustainability Report and Duke Energy.


Cari Boyce
Senior Vice President, Stakeholder Strategy and Sustainability
President, Duke Energy Foundation