Encouraging Civic Participation


Educating lawmakers, policy advocacy and participation in America’s democratic process are activities Duke Energy encourages.

Civic engagement is essential to ensuring that our elected officials hear and understand many voices and perspectives as they consider important issues and make decisions that can have significant impacts on our lives. Policy positions and priorities important to Duke Energy include infrastructure, tax and regulatory reform, renewables, environmental issues and cybersecurity.

Duke Energy’s Political Expenditures Policy requires compliance with laws and regulations governing political contributions, government interaction and lobbying activities. The company is legally prohibited from making direct contributions to candidates for U.S. federal offices and certain state offices.

Duke Energy’s Voices in Politics network educates and activates employees on political and policy issues that could affect our operations, employees or stakeholders. These efforts are for the purpose of making sure lawmakers fully understand the direct impacts of their decisions on Duke Energy and the customers and communities we serve.

In 2017, our reportable federal lobbying expenses (including office space, salaries, consulting and event fees, etc.) included $2,296,5951 in dues to support policy research and advocacy by trade associations such as the Edison Electric Institute and the Nuclear Energy Institute. Duke Energy also contributed approximately $918,2002 to Section 527 organizations created to support the nomination, election, appointment or defeat of a candidate.

DukePAC is a voluntary, nonpartisan political action committee that leverages the collective financial contributions of eligible employees to support political organizations and candidates seeking elected office at the federal and state levels. These candidates represent the communities we serve, are leading members of their elected legislative body or serve on relevant committees that impact the company’s business, employees, customers and communities. In 2017, DukePAC contributions totaled approximately $708,780.

1 Represents trade association dues of more than $50,000 during 2017.
2 For contributions in excess of $1,000.