A Strong Civic Voice


Having constructive dialogue with lawmakers and regulators is vital to a highly regulated business such as Duke Energy. As one of the largest and most diverse power holding companies in the United States, Duke Energy is well-positioned to provide a balanced view on issues that impact the company, industry and communities.

The company advocates for practical public policies in Washington, D.C., and state capitals throughout its service territory. And, the company encourages civic participation at all levels – from voting in local elections to engaging with federal regulators.

Duke Energy has many tools to ensure it meets its mission to create business value through better public policy. One such tool is DukePAC, a voluntary, nonpartisan political action committee that leverages the collective financial contributions of eligible employees to support political organizations and candidates seeking elected office at the federal and state levels. In 2018, DukePAC contributions were $1,518,430.

Duke Energy’s total reportable federal lobbying expenses in 2018 were $5,345,592. That amount includes $1,188,921 in trade association dues (includes dues in excess of $50,000) to support policy research and advocacy. The company also contributed approximately $1,623,700 to Section 527 organizations created to support the nomination, election, appointment or defeat of a candidate.

Duke Energy’s Political Expenditures Policy requires compliance with laws and regulations governing political contributions, government interaction and lobbying activities. It also requires a semiannual update on political expenditures to the Corporate Governance Committee of the Duke Energy Board of Directors. The company is legally prohibited from making direct contributions to candidates for U.S. federal offices and certain state offices.