Investing in Renewable Natural Gas


To help reach our net-zero methane from natural gas distribution by 2030 goal, the company invested in a minority share of SustainRNG, which will design, finance, build and operate renewable natural gas (RNG) sites in collaboration with dairy farmers. Duke Energy can continue to invest in individual projects as they are developed.

RNG is biomethane captured from the breakdown of organic waste, including landfills and manure. Once processed to remove contaminants and meet pipeline quality standards, it has the same properties as natural gas.

SustainRNG’s projects will capture methane from manure, which would otherwise be released to the atmosphere, using advanced generation technology developed by Trane Technologies and licensed exclusively to SustainRNG for use in the agricultural sector.

SustainRNG is on track to complete its first project in 2021, with future projects in development. Growing this partnership will continue to benefit customers and reduce the company’s carbon footprint by bringing more natural gas to market in an environmentally responsible way.

RNG also has been added to the company’s compressed natural gas (CNG) offerings.

Through a partnership with Utah-based Bluesource, RNG is being used at a Piedmont Natural Gas CNG fueling station in Nashville, Tennessee. The Natural Gas Business Unit plans to extend RNG to the remainder of Piedmont’s 11 publicly accessible CNG fueling stations in the Carolinas.

CNG vehicles already are noteworthy for lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and by fueling with RNG, customers enjoy an additional environmental benefit.