Ashley Coleman  /  Charlotte, NC  /  Suzy Macke  /  Cincinnati, OH

Promoting #WomenInPower


Duke Energy powers people's lives. But it also powers women to pursue technical fields – those normally associated with men.

The company continues to support organizations advancing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers – with a special emphasis on females. The results are paying off. These 10 women are now role models for the company’s next wave of employees.

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Dr. Shabari Basu, director of wind assessment in Charlotte, oversees a team of engineers that supervise the remote access and control of Duke Energy’s solar, wind farms and battery sites.

Yolanda Carter, operations supervisor for Piedmont Natural Gas in Nashville, Tenn., makes sure the company's new projects are being installed safely according to code and engineering specifications.

Ashley Coleman is a civil engineer in Charlotte, making sure the company's power plants operate as efficiently as possible.

Swati Daji, a senior vice president and the chief procurement officer, is responsible for the sourcing and supply chain functions for both the company’s regulated and commercial operations. Daji was formerly the senior vice president of fuels & systems.

Tanya Hamilton, site vice president of the Harris Nuclear Plant in New Hill N.C., continues Duke Energy's long history of operating carbon-free nuclear power plants.

Jessica Hamm, technology development manager in Charlotte, looks at how the company can benefit from technology trends that are anywhere from five to 15 years down the road.

Maritza Iacono, utility strategy director in St. Petersburg, Fla., helps shape the overall operational plan for Duke Energy's Florida operations.

Suzy Macke, a lineman based in Ohio, showed her determination to crack into the male-dominated world of linework.

Joie McCutchen, a vegetation management specialist in Florence, S.C., makes sure the company's operations and its vegetation management decisions work in harmony.

Erin Schneider, director of economic development in Indiana, works closely with a network of partners to attract new businesses and encourage existing businesses to grow in the Duke Energy service territory.