Developing Tomorrow’s Workforce Today


Sustainability is about being ready for the future. Duke Energy’s commitment to delivering a smarter energy future includes a commitment to developing the workforce that will be necessary for that future. Providing employees with the essential knowledge, development and skills they need to be safe and successful in a changing industry is part of our culture.

That commitment also extends to developing tomorrow’s workforce. National concerns about declining student interest in science, technology, engineering and math studies – disciplines collectively known as STEM – have our attention. Individuals with these skills are the foundation of our work today and tomorrow. That’s why part of Duke Energy’s strategy for developing a sustainable workforce includes reaching into local education systems to bring energy career awareness to educators, students and parents.

Duke Energy has established relationships with local community colleges that offer programs in the STEM studies essential to the future. Students are prepared for possible future employment in the energy industry as lineworkers, solar technicians and other careers.

Our education efforts don’t stop there, however. In fact, they start much earlier. Duke Energy employees have strong local connections and take pride in sharing their knowledge and histories. Using a speaker toolkit developed expressly for this purpose, employees share information about Duke Energy and the many career opportunities that exist within the changing energy industry.

Maintaining a skilled workforce includes a focus on today without losing sight of tomorrow. That’s why planting the seeds of interest in an energy career must begin early and remain a key strategy for today and tomorrow.

Learn more about how Duke Energy’s learning and development programs prepare leaders and employees to meet future challenges.

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