Shared Solar Shines on All Customers


Shared Solar, sometimes referred to as Community Solar, allows customers to benefit from renewable energy without having to have solar panels at their premises.

In South Carolina, the company's first Shared Solar program kicked off in 2018. Additional facilities are expected online in South Carolina in 2019, with expansion in other states planned.

Customers joining the program pay a one-time application fee and a monthly subscription cost to fund their share of supporting the operation of a solar facility located in Dillon County.

The company is waiving the application cost and upfront fees for qualified low-income customers to make the offering more widely available. By subscribing to the Shared Solar Program, customers receive a monthly credit from Duke Energy equal to the amount of solar energy the customer's share produces.

The Dillon County facility was recently named The Whitney M. Slater Shared Solar Facility to honor a local community resident. Slater was a Darlington, South Carolina, nursing student attending North Carolina State University when she died of breast cancer at the age of 21. After receiving her diagnosis, she made it her mission to raise awareness about environmental health and breast cancer. Her mother attended the ceremony to kick off the program in August.

The 7-megawatt facility has more than 20,000 solar panels, and supplies more than 1,000 homes during peak output. Expect Shared Solar offerings from the company to continue to grow.