A Powerful Commitment to Human Rights


Duke Energy works every day to power customers’ lives and help communities thrive. A strong commitment to safety, integrity and service drives our daily efforts and future vision. We amplify this in our Human Rights Policy.

The cornerstones of this policy can be found in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Internally, a Code of Business Ethics and Supplier Code of Conduct provide the backbone to commitments outlined in the human rights policy, including:

  • Workforce: Working conditions at Duke Energy reflect the human dignity of our workforce. We uphold human and workplace rights in all operations, treating workers fairly and without discrimination.
  • Communities and Stakeholders: Respecting the rights of people where they live, work and play includes doing business in ways that protect the environment and mitigate adverse impacts from our operations.
  • Suppliers and Partners: Supplying goods and services to Duke Energy requires adhering to these same commitments and applying them locally and around the world.

Duke Energy employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders can report a human rights concern anonymously by phone or online through the company’s EthicsLine, or directly to company personnel. In 2019, no human rights concerns were raised through the company’s EthicsLine or internal channels.

Respect for human rights is an imperative to powering lives. Duke Energy is proud to embrace the ongoing process of educating, learning, evaluating and improving how we operate.