Leading the Way on Safety


Ensuring the health and safety of Duke Energy employees, contractors and communities is an integral part of what we do. The company is always striving for an injury and illness-free workplace.

In 2017, Duke Energy’s safety performance was strong, with an employee Total Incident Case Rate (TICR) of 0.36 – the best ever for Duke Energy and one of the best in the industry.

Piedmont Natural Gas employees also made significant progress in safety performance. Under the leadership of a safety improvement team that worked to adopt Duke Energy's safety programs and processes, Piedmont finished the year with a TICR of 1.65 – not as positive as the Duke Energy mark, but much better than the previous year. In this metric, the lower the score, the better.

Duke Energy successfully implemented a summer safety campaign, which educated workers about heat-related illnesses and other warm-weather hazards, and a program to effectively address minor injuries through a team of on-site nurses. The company will build on those successes in 2018 with initiatives focusing on hazards, ergonomics and safe driving.

Although pleased with the company’s overall performance, two work-related fatalities and three life-altering injuries mean there is still work to do. Reducing the number of serious injuries will be a focus for Duke Energy in 2018 as the company strives to have the safest workplace in the industry.

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