Keeping Our Infrastructure and Information Secure


The headlines on cyberattacks can be alarming, but protecting the nation's energy grid to ensure a reliable supply is of paramount importance to the electric industry.

Duke Energy builds layers of security to provide rapid detection and response to possible cyberattacks. The company also focuses on properly isolating any impacted devices or systems. For example, in 2017 the company received 2.2 billion emails to our system. More than 94 percent of those did not meet our security criteria and were blocked by our controls.

The company maintains an around-the-clock incident response team of highly skilled cybersecurity professionals devoted to this topic. Duke Energy also coordinates with national labs, government agencies and law enforcement officials to best protect our energy grid and technology systems, share information and develop protective standards. Working with industry partners and vendors, the company ensures it’s taking steps to protect systems and data.

Duke Energy has detailed cybersecurity reporting requirements and strong partnerships to prevent and respond to threats. The company’s businesses have mandatory and enforceable cybersecurity standards to protect critical infrastructure. These extensive measures help keep networks safe and prevent those wanting to do harm.

Duke Energy is also a member of the Electricity Subsector Coordination Council. Similar to other industry organizations, this group provides a forum to collaborate and coordinate with energy companies, government agencies and security organizations.

This association focuses on reducing threats through preparation, prevention, response and recovery, and supports initiatives and policies that improve the security of the industry and nation.

With ever-increasing threats, Duke Energy is committed to the safety and security of our energy grid, and business-related networks and information. Cybersecurity is a critical element of that effort.