Diane Denton / Director Environmental & Energy Policy and Sustainability

About This Report

Duke Energy’s 11th Sustainability Report continues our tradition of disclosure and transparency about how we do business – and how we strive to benefit the communities we serve.

Anticipating changes in the industry drives us at Duke Energy. We are currently expanding renewable generation, transitioning from coal to natural gas, reducing our environmental footprint and modernizing our energy grid to support new technologies. We have public goals in this report to make sure we head down the right path – the one to a cleaner, more affordable and reliable energy future.

But just as important as our operational activities, is our engagement with stakeholders. They remind us that Duke Energy touches many areas of our society outside of delivering energy. There are many examples in this year’s report where partnering with others yielded notable results.

Sustainability is engrained at Duke Energy. We continue to fine-tune our business approach to take advantage of new technologies and improve innovation to make sure we exceed customer expectations. This goes hand-in-hand with our focus on the communities we serve, operational excellence, employee engagement and development.

There is one difference with this year’s report. In keeping pace with leading companies, we are producing it as a web-only document, with a PDF version available for printing. This will lower the report’s overall environmental impact. It may be a small change, but every little bit helps.

As always, you can find a detailed Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index on our website. The GRI is a recognized international framework for sustainability reporting.

Enjoy our new report. Thank you for your interest in Duke Energy.


Diane Denton
Director Environmental &
Energy Policy and Sustainability