Programs encourage career development

Employees are the lifeblood of Duke Energy. The company succeeds when they gain knowledge and expertise, and grow in their careers.

Duke Energy employees own their career paths, and have many opportunities to develop their skills and learn new ones. Managers share that responsibility, and their own performance goals include ensuring their employees have growth and development opportunities.


Some positions require formal training on the job. Nuclear reactor operators, for example, get simulator training one out of every five weeks throughout their careers. In addition to formalized instruction, the company offers:

  • Apprenticeships and mentoring programs
  • Computer-based training on office skills, electrical safety, business ethics and many job-specific topics
  • Classroom training in conflict management, business writing, project management and leadership skills, to name just a few
  • A continuing education program, which provides financial assistance for courses, degree programs and exams
  • Sponsorship of employee chapters of Toastmasters, Women in Nuclear, Young Generation in Nuclear and the American Association of Blacks in Energy
  • Rotational assignments, which provide employees with diverse experiences across the company.

Employee Resource Groups

The company also encourages participation in employee resource groups — networks of employees with common interests or experiences. All employees are welcome to join any resource group:

  • Advocates for African-Americans (A3)
  • Business Women’s Network (BWN)
  • disABILITY Outreach & Inclusion Team (DO-IT!)
  • Latinos Energizing Diversity @ Duke (L.E.D.)
  • New 2 Duke (N2D).

Aging workforce

Well over half of our current workforce is made up of “baby boomers” and “traditionalists,” who will be considering retirement in the next decade or so.

Our workforce planning groups monitor the company's demographics, forecasting areas in which the company will need to recruit new hires, based on changes in demographics and required skills.

Community outreach

To prepare future generations to replace our aging workforce, Duke Energy partners with community colleges and universities to provide the training and education required for today’s energy careers.

The company reaches out to younger students as well, to pique their interest in engineering, science and other energy-related disciplines.

For example, Duke Energy is a major sponsor of the N.C. Science Festival, led by the University of North Carolina’s Morehead Planetarium and Science Center. The annual festival highlights the educational, cultural and financial impact of science in the state, and encourages students to pursue careers in science and technology.

Local school groups are welcome to tour several of Duke Energy’s power plants and other facilities, to give them an understanding of what’s involved in keeping the lights on.

And our internship and cooperative programs allow potential future employees to get hands-on experience in different parts of the company, and shorten their learning curve in the workplace.