About This Report

The title of this 2010|2011 Sustainability Report sums up our company’s mission in just six words: “Delivering Today. Investing for Our Future.” We share this theme with Duke Energy’s 2010 Annual Report.

This report is organized for the summary reader as well as for those seeking more detailed information. Key features:

  • Jim Rogers’ letter provides an update on recent progress and what lies ahead.
  • The Sustainability Plan and Progress at a Glance provides a two-page overview of our results against our goals.
  • A more in-depth review of performance is organized by our five areas of focus.
  • Throughout the report, we feature several Duke Energy employees who hold themselves personally accountable for sustainable outcomes.

Again this year, we offer print and Web versions of our Sustainability Report. Throughout this online report, mouse-over definitions are denoted by bold green text.

Duke Energy International supplements this report with its own publication covering our Latin American operations, available at www.duke-energy.com.

We welcome your feedback on this report, our sustainability progress or related issues. Email sustainability@duke-energy.com.