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System Reliability Remains High

Power reliability is always a top priority, and we continually work to reduce both the number and duration of outages our customers experience. Our numbers have improved substantially in recent years — mainly due to new and improved reliability programs. But we did not meet our aggressive 2010 goals, which were set according to our historic improvement trends.

Weather, especially lightning, impacted our 2010 performance. Our customers in the Carolinas experienced 80 percent more lightning strikes last year, while our Midwest customers saw a 46 percent increase.

Outage Statistics
Outage statistics data table

Our generation plants met the challenge of increased load requirements resulting from the weather, led by the nuclear fleet’s capacity factor of approximately 95.9 percent in 2010. This eclipsed the previous record of approximately 95.2 percent in 2002, and marked the 11th consecutive year that the nuclear fleet had a capacity factor above 90 percent. Our regulated fossil fleet also had an excellent year, with commercial availability of approximately 88.7 percent. Our nonregulated Midwest generation fleet also experienced superior operational results, with commercial availability of 89.7 percent.

Generation Reliability
Generation reliability data table