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Customers Opt for Paperless Billing

Duke Energy produces and mails about 41 million bills a year. Laid end-to-end, they would stretch from the company’s headquarters in Charlotte, N.C., to Paris — and back again.

To reduce paper and mailing costs, we set out to increase participation in our Paperless Billing program by 100,000 customers in 2010. More than 140,000 customers signed up for the program, bringing total enrollment to more than 735,000. To thank our customers for that response, Duke Energy donated $100,000 to the Arbor Day Foundation.

Paperless Billing benefits customers, by making it easier to pay bills online and providing quick access to billing records. It’s also a plus for Duke Energy. We save approximately $6 per year for each customer who switches over, for an annual savings of approximately $850,000 due to the 2010 campaign.