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CFL Giveaways Extremely Popular

Residential customers claimed more than 10 million compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs from Duke Energy in 2010 — a strong response for the new energy efficiency program.

Many customers initially received coupons from Duke Energy that could be redeemed for six free CFLs at Walmart stores. The response was tremendous. In fact, Walmart and GE — our CFL provider for this portion of the campaign — had a hard time keeping up with customer demand.

By mid-2010, we improved our CFL marketing efforts by allowing customers in certain territories to request bulbs by phone, through our website, or by responding to direct-mail campaigns. The new process makes it more convenient for customers to order CFLs, which are shipped directly to their homes.

We plan to distribute another 10 million CFL bulbs to customers in 2011.

The CFL program falls under our energy efficiency regulatory model, which allows Duke Energy to earn a return on energy savings realized through customer programs. This makes our CFL campaign a win for customers, the environment and Duke Energy.

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