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RBB Video

Chief Sustainability Officer Roberta Bowman talks distributed solar

Vision Video

Witness Duke Energy's vision of smart energy


  • Keep rates affordable as we invest in the modernization of our system
  • Enlist customers in our energy efficiency offerings
  • Continue to mitigate the impact of customer switching in Ohio


  • Replace analog grid with a digital smart grid to increase reliability and energy efficiency, and reduce costs
  • Develop infrastructure to support widespread adoption of plug-in electric vehicles

2009 and Early 2010 Highlights

  • Gained approval for energy efficiency regulatory model in N.C., S.C. and Ind.
  • Added more than 360 megawatts of wind energy and launched solar power initiatives
  • Negotiated first N.C. and S.C. nonfuel base-rate increases since 1991
  • Began deploying smart grid in Ohio