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Environmental Footprint

Environmental Footprint Bill Tyndall


  • Supply affordable and reliable energy while minimizing our impact on the environment
  • Monitor, influence and prepare for potential new rules that could impact our use of coal
  • Manage the construction costs of Edwardsport IGCC, a first-of-its-kind integrated gasification combined-cycle power plant


  • Retire and replace older fossil-fueled units with new, cleaner generation
  • Encourage U.S. energy policy that benefits the environment and economy
  • Reduce demand through energy efficiency programs and products
  • Partner with stakeholders to better manage water resources

2009 and Early 2010 Highlights

  • Made significant progress on building Cliffside and Edwardsport advanced-coal units
  • Formed clean-energy alliance to explore potential for new nuclear station in Ohio
  • Created partnerships with leading Chinese energy companies on renewable and clean-coal technologies
  • Reduced sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides emissions 71% and 56%, respectively, over the last four years
  • Remained on track to achieve our environmental footprint reduction goals