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About This Report

This 2009|2010 Sustainability Report and Duke Energy’s 2009 Annual Report respond to a common question: “What is simple about providing affordable, reliable and clean energy?” As you’ll read throughout this report, we believe the answer is: “Nothing.”

Balancing the need for affordable, reliable and cleaner energy for the 21st century represents an important leadership opportunity for our company and our country. Despite the complexity of the challenge, we believe our commitment to sustainability – doing business in a way that’s good for people, the planet and profits – is helping Duke Energy make decisions that are good for today, and even better for tomorrow.

This is the fourth annual update we’ve published on our sustainability efforts. In this report, we describe our progress in bringing advanced energy technologies to market, reducing our environmental footprint, strengthening our position as a best-in-class employer, contributing to the vitality of our communities and growing our business in a responsible way.

Of note in this year’s report:

  • In Jim Rogers’ letter to stakeholders, he discusses how repowering our country – investing in cleaner energy – can help rebuild the economy, create jobs, improve the environment and strengthen our national energy security.
  • In the “Five Viewpoints” feature, we invite experts from outside the company to share their perspectives on the need for affordable, reliable and cleaner energy.
  • We present our updated sustainability plan, which has been revised and simplified based on stakeholder feedback. The 10 corporate goals represent areas that are most material and/or provide opportunities to engage employees in sustainability.
  • As always, we provide a summary index to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) indicators. A more detailed index is available on our Web site.

This year, we offer printed and Web versions of our Sustainability Report. The printed report emphasizes the issues that are most important to our stakeholders and to us, including technology innovations, our growing renewable energy portfolio and the environmental impacts of our operations.

We supplement this content with additional articles online at sustainabilityreport.duke-energy.com. The online version of this report also features:

  • Videos on smart grid technology, energy storage, economic development, Duke Energy’s 2009 performance and other topics, and
  • Enhanced content, such as expanded Q&A features and “mouse-over” definitions of key terms.

This updated approach allows us to present our most material issues in greater detail, reference information that may have been released over the past year, and reduce the environmental impact of producing the report. Throughout the printed version of our Sustainability Report, we denote the availability of additional online content with a computer mouse icon.

Because sustainability is a global imperative, Duke Energy International supplements this report with its own publication covering our operations in Latin America. Copies of that report are available on www.Duke-Energy.com.

We welcome your feedback about the changes in our sustainability plan and report – or other issues of interest. You can e-mail me at sustainability@duke-energy.com.

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Roberta Bowman
Senior Vice President and
Chief Sustainability Officer
April 6, 2010