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Environmental Footprint

Environmental Title


  • Supply reliable and cost-effective energy while minimizing our impact on the environment
  • Reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) while meeting customers’ energy needs
  • Maintain momentum for renewable energy growth during this economic downturn
  • Plan for new generation during times of volatile fuel prices
  • Manage increasingly scarce water supplies in some regions
  • Monitor, influence and prepare for potential new rules associated with clean air, coal ash impoundments and mountaintop removal coal mining


  • Promote sound U.S. climate change policy
  • Demonstrate the need for energy efficiency and multiple power generation options
  • Increase our use of renewable energy

2008 Highlights

  • Refined the scenarios associated with our 2030 challenge to cut our 2006 U.S. CO2 emissions in half
  • Participated in collaborative efforts to promote balanced energy policy
  • Took actions to reduce our GHG emissions
  • Grew our renewable energy business
  • Continued (Edwardsport) and began (Cliffside) construction of advanced coal stations
  • Conducted research on the potential for carbon capture and sequestration
  • Continued to preserve the nuclear option by gaining U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission acceptance for review of our construction and operating license application for the Lee Nuclear Station