What Matters Most

Duke Energy’s approach to sustainability focuses on the issues that are most material to our stakeholders and to us. We identify emerging issues from a variety of sources such as direct stakeholder feedback, thought-leader perspectives, social and traditional media coverage, and shareholder resolutions in our sector.

This table represents our current view of our most material issues and their life-cycle phases. It was updated in early 2013 based on stakeholder feedback and in light of our merger with Progress Energy. We also took into account first-of-its-kind research on the material issues for our industry, conducted by the Electric Power Research Institute in 2012.

In response to stakeholder feedback, the issues are now sorted into the five focus areas of our Sustainability Plan. Mouse-over definitions are also provided for each issue below. These issues — and their interrelationships — will continue to evolve as the environment in which we operate changes.

Issues important to stakeholders and Duke Energy
Issue life cycle
  Emerging Developing Mature
Innovative Products and Services
Affordable energy    
Energy efficiency    
Plug-in electric vehicles    
Power grid modernization/cybersecurity New    
Reliable energy    
Renewable energy    
Environmental Footprint
Air quality    
Climate change    
Coal combustion residuals    
Generation fleet modernization New    
Mountaintop-removal coal mining    
Nuclear safety in light of the 2011 Fukushima event in Japan    
Nuclear waste    
Protecting natural/cultural resources    
Reduce, reuse, recycle    
Shale gas New    
Water quality and availability    
Quality Workforce
Diversity and inclusion New    
Employee development and engagement    
Worker safety and health    
Workforce planning, recruitment and hiring New    
Strong Communities
Charitable giving/volunteerism    
Economic development/jobs    
Public safety    
Governance and Transparency
Corporate governance New    
Ethics and compliance Expanded    
Participating in the political process Expanded    
Total shareholder return/financial success    
Supply chain sustainability Expanded    
New We have added the issue to our listing this year. Emerging Stakeholders, Duke Energy and other companies are taking an interest in the issue.
Expanded We have expanded the name to include additional aspects of the issue. Developing Regulations, solutions and/or projects are being proposed, piloted or implemented.
Mature The issue is well-known, and industry best practices are becoming commonplace.