Duke Energy’s Management Approach to Sustainability

Roles and responsibilities

Board of Directors
Provides risk management oversight and periodic reviews of key sustainability issues

Chief Executive Officer
Ultimate responsibility for the company’s sustainability strategy and long-term success

Chief Sustainability Officer
Develops and implements the company’s sustainability strategy and plan

Operating and functional executives and management
Accountable for applicable sustainability goals and integrating sustainability into respective areas

Sustainability Leads and Sustainability Corps members
Specially trained leaders and employees who provide local support and advocacy for our sustainability goals

Implement departmental initiatives and identify local sustainability opportunities

Plans and initiatives

Duke Energy Sustainability Plan

  • Developed based on internal and external inputs
  • Consists of goals and measures
  • Accountable executive for each goal
  • Annual update via the Sustainability Report

Departmental planning

  • Includes initiatives to support corporate sustainability goals
  • Also includes goals and initiatives addressing departmental sustainability challenges and opportunities
  • May be integrated into business and strategic plans

Employee plans

  • Personal sustainability practices to improve sustainability on and off the job
  • Local sustainability goals may be integrated into annual performance management plans

Building sustainability knowledge

  • Online tools and resources
  • Communications
  • Workshops
  • Coaching
  • Best-practice sharing
  • Recognition