Our Mission

  • Provide affordable, reliable, increasingly clean energy in safe and sustainable ways to our customers 24/7.
  • Support rewarding and meaningful careers for our employees.
  • Promote the health and success of our communities.
  • Deliver superior value for our investors and other stakeholders.

Our Values

  • Safety — The safety of our teammates and the public is our highest priority.
  • Integrity — We behave ethically, and trust is at the core of our relationships.
  • Accountability — We do what we say and own what we do.
  • Respect — When we respect each other, we actively listen to each person’s opinion and intentionally leverage each person’s strengths.
  • Communication — We communicate clearly, openly and frequently, and work hard to ensure that every voice is heard.
  • Inclusion — We learn from and respect our differences.
  • Teamwork — We collaborate effectively as one team.