Expanding our energy efficiency offerings

Duke Energy continues to expand its portfolio of energy efficiency products and services — offering customers more ways to take control of their energy usage and save money, plus benefit the environment.

New in 2012 was My Home Energy Report, sent via U.S. mail to eligible residential customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. The report engages customers by showing them how their energy use stacks up against their neighbors’. Simple bar graphs compare their actual energy usage to the average home and an efficient home of similar size, age and location (based on publicly available tax records). The report also provides targeted and actionable tips to help customers become more energy efficient and save on their energy bills.

More than 1 million Duke Energy customers are receiving the report about eight times a year, and they’re expected to save an average of 2 percent, or approximately $20 on their annual energy costs, just by making simple behavioral changes at home.

Another program, expanded in 2012, helps customers dispose of older, less-efficient refrigerators and freezers, often located in garages and other unconditioned spaces. Through the company’s Appliance Recycling program, eligible customers can receive a $30 or $50 cash incentive for recycling a refrigerator or freezer. And by not running that extra appliance, they can save up to $150 each year on their energy bills.

Duke Energy’s recycling partner will even pick up the old appliances — for free — and recycle 95 percent of their components. More than 27,000 refrigerators and freezers have been recycled since the program began in 2010.

A simple and inexpensive way for customers to save energy is by changing their light bulbs. We offer free or discounted compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs to eligible customers. CFLs last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs and use up to 75 percent less electricity. On average, each CFL saves about $40 in energy costs over the expected lifetime of the bulb. Since 2010, Duke Energy and Progress Energy combined have distributed nearly 37 million CFLs throughout our service areas. That’s enough energy saved to power more than 97,000 residential homes and offset the carbon output of 205,000 passenger cars.

Our Neighborhood Energy Saver program provides information and energy-saving tools to customers who live in low-income neighborhoods. Nearly 30,000 Progress Energy customers have benefited from this program since it started in 2006. Duke Energy will launch a similar program this year.

Duke Energy’s business and institutional customers also continue to benefit from energy-saving offers and incentives. For example, they can receive cash incentives for installing high-efficiency lighting, HVAC systems, pumps and other qualifying equipment. The use of energy efficient equipment enables our business customers to improve their bottom lines by reducing energy consumption. The incentives also help lower the costs associated with upgrades.

These are only a few of the energy-saving products and services Duke Energy offers. More information about specific programs in each state we serve is available in the “Save Energy & Money” sections of duke-energy.com and progress-energy.com.