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Quality Workforce

Creating a culture of health

At Duke Energy, we recognize that the health and well-being of our employees are essential to the company’s success. Our goal is to create an environment that promotes and supports personal accountability, and improves the health, safety and productivity of our workforce.

Live Well, Duke Energy’s broad range of health coverage, wellness and clinical support programs, is the way we deliver on that promise. Just as Duke Energy has aggressively pursued safety as a top priority, we’re now putting that same level of energy into building a culture of health.

According to UnitedHealthcare (UHC), our medical plan administrator, many medical claims for Duke Energy employees are related to preventable conditions. Cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, and joint and back problems are among the top health conditions currently affecting our employees. UHC is providing educational health and disease management coaching, which is available to all employees as part of the Live Well program.

Free biometric health screenings are provided at many work locations. Employees who participate receive Live Well program incentives that can reduce the cost of their medical coverage. (Those who can’t participate on site can earn the same incentives by visiting their doctors for those screenings.) Employees can earn additional incentives by getting preventive health services, completing online health assessments, attending on-site educational sessions and participating in health coaching.

Our focus on wellness benefits employees’ health and the bottom line — for both employees and the company. Duke Energy’s medical plan is self-insured, which means that Duke Energy and employees share the responsibility for paying all medical costs. When we manage those costs effectively, both employees and Duke Energy reap the savings.

Controlling costs and staying healthy can start with something as simple as stretching.

Our Power Delivery workforce has begun to make fitness a part of every workday, with a morning stretching program. This simple but innovative best practice drew the attention of The Wall Street Journal, which called it “an inventive way to keep its experienced, maturing line workers in tip-top physical condition for the job.”

Whether it’s stretching, walking, working out or getting a yearly physical, Duke Energy employees are finding ways to stay healthy — for their own benefit and the company’s.