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Designing the Workplace of the Future

We are planning for fundamental changes to the workplace, the workforce and the way work gets done in the future. Our planning includes more than new technologies and eco-friendly buildings. It focuses on designing a work environment to meet the evolving needs of our workforce.

We currently have four generations of employees in the workplace. Some employees have worked for the company for decades, while others have joined only recently. Some travel frequently, while others report to the same site every day. Many are increasingly using technology, particularly mobile devices.

These considerations are helping us identify the diverse work styles and needs we must plan for in the years ahead. For example, employees whose duties primarily involve independent problem-solving require dedicated work space, while those who work in teams need a more collaborative environment. By identifying these and other work styles, we avoid designing a one-size-fits-all approach.

We recognize that the workspace of the future must be flexible, efficient, healthy and sustainable. As we transition into new facilities or renovate existing ones, we focus on using space efficiently and effectively, minimizing our environmental impact and maximizing our employees’ ability to be productive.

For example, office space in our new corporate headquarters in Charlotte, N.C., is being designed using Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) criteria so that it is energy efficient, highly adaptable and suits a variety of work styles. The LEED system was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, a coalition of which Duke Energy is a corporate member, that is working to promote environmentally responsible and healthy work environments. The new building will feature advanced energy management and water efficiency systems, abundant natural light, and highly configurable and ergonomic furniture. We’ll continue to implement new design and environmental features in the years to come
as we improve all of our locations